Some Time With A Hot Aunty Shreya

Some Time With A Hot Aunty Shreya

Dear Readers, Tejas here from Pune. I am narrating a true story which happened last weekend. Do email me your feedback on [email protected] Let’s continue with the story.  Hot Aunty Shreya

Last week, I happened to meet a friend at CCD in PCMC. After having coffee, my friend went back home and I was killing time. On the table next to me, I saw a married sexy aunty sitting alone. She was smoking a cigarette. I was getting bored. So, just to start a conversation, I asked her for lighter.

She passed on the lighter to me. And I started talking to her. After having a chat for a while, I came to know that her name was Shreya from Mumbai. She came to Pune for a wedding along with her Hubby. Also due to some important work, her husband had to leave for Banglore. Then, I started flirting with her. I said how could her husband leave her alone in an unknown city.

She said: What to do? I have no option.
Me: It would be my pleasure to give you a company. If you don’t mind.

She thought for a while and agreed.
Shreya: I guess you are from Pune. I would like to see the city and do a bit shopping. Hope you will accompany me as I am new to this city?
Me: Yes, I am free. Not an issue.
Shreya: Great. So, let’s move.

And then we moved towards the city on my bike. She was sitting a bit uncomfortable on my bike.
Me: You can hold me and sit comfortably.  Hot Aunty Shreya
Shreya: Ok

Then she held me on my shoulders and sat comfortably. So I thought let’s take a chance. While riding the bike, I was applying brake due to which she came very close to me. I could feel her boobs on my back.

Shreya: Dude, drive slowly.
Me: the roads are worst here. (though the roads are good) I have to drive like this or else the bike might slip.
Shreya: Ok.

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Then we hit many of the coolest spots in the city. After spending 2-3 hours with her, I came to know that she was very open-minded. And she became very frank with me. After roaming around the city for a while, she said that needed to do some shopping for the wedding next day.

Me: Ok. By the way, which hotel you are staying?
Shreya: Just above the CCD.
Me: Cool. There is a mall just near to the Hotel you stay. We can purchase from there.
She said okay. Then we started our journey back to PCMC and after her shopping, she asked me “Is there a good place to booze?”
Me: Yes. There are so many.

So I took her to a Lounge around the corner. She ordered a beer for her and I order a whiskey. Until I finished my 1st peg, she had completed 2 bottles of beer. OMG, she was on a run. After having 4 bottles of beer, she was a bit tipsy. So, I asked her if she was Okay. She said that she’s completely fine. Then, we reached the hotel where she was staying.

After having some conversation, I was about to leave. She asked me to accompany her to the room as she was feeling uneasy. I thought the beer might have started the effect now. Still, we both reached her room. She was unable to open the lock. So I helped her and opened the room. We both entered inside. She dropped all the shopping bags on the floor and asked me to sit for a while until she gets fresh. Hot Aunty Shreya

I sat on her bed and lit a cigarette. She was taking a lot of time to get fresh. So, I knocked the bathroom door and asked if everything was ok. She shouted from inside that she was ok and was taking a shower. I said ok. After a while, she just opened the bathroom door and asked me to pass on the towel. I tried searching but could not find it.

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Then she asked me to search in the wardrobe. Yes, I found it. And took it to her. When she opened the door, I lost my senses. She was completely naked in the bathroom. I was able to see her naked shoulders and got a sight of the upper portion of her boobs. I was in a heaven and was unable to control my urge.

After a while, Shreya stepped out of the bathroom just with the towel tied over her boobs and the height of the towel was till her upper thighs. I got mad looking at her. She lit her cigarette just with her towel on. She was looking smoking hot. Then she started opening up and said that her husband doesn’t take care of her and was busy with his business and meetings. Sometimes, he’s out of the city for a month and she had to satisfy herself her own way.

I asked her how could she satisfy herself?
Shreya: I have to masturbate or have to call my neighbor’s young son to satisfy me.
Me: You have an affair with your neighbor’s son?
Shreya: Yes. I had fucked him and now he’s my sex toy. And today, you will be my sex toy.

She took the last puff of the cigarette and kissed me on my lips. I held her hips and started smooching her. Our kiss lasted for almost 10 mins. That was an awesome experience. Then, she started removing my T-shirt and then my jeans. I was left with just my underwear on me. Then she made me lie on the bed and removed my underwear and started licking my dick.  Hot Aunty Shreya

I removed the towel from her and was astonished to see her naked body. A perfect shape like a model. Her pussy was clean shaved. Not a single hair on her pussy. Soon, I licked her boobs and tried to eat them completely. I bit her nipples and then she moaned. She was completely out of control and she held me very tight.

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Then we got into the 69 position. She was sucking my dick like a pro. She sucked my balls as well. I too was licking her pussy and fingering her alternately. She was getting excited, same was my condition. Then she stopped me and came over in a cowboy position.

Soon, she adjusted my dick to her pussy and started riding me. She was moaning a lot. Damn, her pussy was so tight. I was enjoying like hell. After a while, she came and lied next to me. Then, I jumped on her in the missionary position and started fucking her deeply.

I rammed her pussy. She was moaning like hell and was unable to breathe in. I stopped for a while and started fucking her again. I was about to come and she asked me to come inside her as she was safe. So, I loaded my entire cum inside her pussy and lied on her. We both felt great. She came into my arms and lit a cigarette and started smoking. Meanwhile, I was playing with her boobs. And we had another session. Hot Aunty Shreya

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Morning, we both woke up at 10 am. We had another steamy session under the shower. And she got ready for the wedding. We got down at the CCD for a coffee and a smoke and exchanged our numbers. She asked me to call whenever I was in Mumbai so that we can have a great time like last night.

We hugged each other and she took a cab and went to the wedding and I went back to my place. Hope you liked my first story on this website.

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